For Sale: 2001 Jaguar XJR and a duty to impress…


Little brothers must be impressed.  It is a rule of being a big brother.

Several years ago my brother Brent, still in school, had a fixation with jaguars.  He was both a fan of the NFL franchise of that name and also the automobiles of that same denomination.

Brent had mentioned a Jaguar for sale and wanted me to check it out.  But I really had no need of another vehicle, I had two already and felt that was plenty.  However, one day I was in town with some spare time and then spotted this beautiful machine at a used car lot.

“Hmm, that must be the Jaguar Brent has been talking about…”

I decided to inquire about it.  The salesman ended up tossing me the keys just in time for me to pick up my little brother at the school bus platform.  The look on his face was priceless and enough to convince me to do my big brotherly duty to impress him. 

I purchased that Jaguar XJR a few weeks later.  The “Grace, Pace, Space” slogan of the brand fit this car.  Classic lines, the power of a muscle car and luxury combined perfectly.  It is a supercharged 370hp beast that beat out the Beemers, Benzes and Porsches of It’s day—it is still faster than most.

It has served me well.  It has been the source of many grins.  It possess every bit of the charm and sophistication of Daniel Craig playing James Bond.  It is an impressive machine.  I have not regretted my decision to do my big brotherly duty.

Seasons have come and gone.  I have decided it is time to part with the XJR in order to free up garage space.  It is in excellent condition and I will probably regret selling it. 

But Brent is now married and away, so maybe it is time?





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